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Growing Instructions for Keeping Your Poinsettia

When Your Plant Finishes Blooming, Don't Toss It. Try This !

by Todd Greenberg, Bartramís Garden head gardener - 1/10/2012

Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia

Save that Gorgeous Plant_photo by Louise Eliason

Poinsettia Growing Instructions

If you wish to keep your poinsettia for a long time, place it in a warm (60°F+), sunny window. Water it well when soil is dry to touch, but do not allow plant to stand in water for any length of time.

When the plant finishes blooming, cut it back lightly and place it in a basement, watering only when dry. At the end of May cut the stems back to 6" or 8" and place in a sunny spot. Water your poinsettia sparingly at first. When there are several inches of new growth, begin fertilizing the plant every two weeks with Rapid Gro.

In the middle of August cut new stems back to 6". When nights become cool set the plant in a warm, sunny window (not below 60°F at night). Fertilize every two weeks and water when soil is dry. In October poinsettias begin to form flower buds in response to shorter days, so it’s important to make sure they’re not in a lighted room after nightfall. If you don’t have an unlighted room, you can put the plant in a dark closet at dusk and bring it out into sunlight in the morning. Repeat this process every day until flowers are visible.


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