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January 2014

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Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

Sun, Jan 26, 2014, 2pm - 3pm

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When most people think about bees, it's the non-native honeybee that comes to mind, but did you know there are around 400 bee species native to Pennsylvania?  In this presentation, Dr. Collins will discuss many of these species from their beauty and biology to current conservation efforts. Learn how you can attract native bees with nesting and food sources, and how you can prevent colony loss. Join us in this fascinating discussion of the diversity and importance of Pennsylvania's native bees and leave with a new appreciation for these invaluable creatures.


Dr. Anita Collins is a retired Research Geneticist from USDA, Agricultural Research Service. Honey bee genetics, colony defense and alarm communication (especially in Africanized honey bees) are her areas of expertise. In addition she has done extensive work on the cryopreservation of honey bee germplasm (semen and embryos). Currently, Dr. Collins is an Adjunct Professor of Entomology at Penn State University and is collaborating on a US Geological Service survey of native bees east of the Mississippi. Her local study area is at Lehigh Gap Nature Center, where she also serves as President of the Board of Directors.


This program is offered free of charge. All are welcome.


Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens

631 Berwyn Baptist Road

Devon, PA 19333

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